Carlos Dillon 

Aviation Consulting


As a consultant specializing in corporate flight departments, I understand that piloting an aircraft requires a unique blend of professional skills and personal characteristics, particularly in executing tactical operations. However, effective management encompasses a broader scope of strategic functions, for which not all exceptional pilots are inherently qualified. Instead, success in management often requires specialized training and extensive experience in these strategic aspects.

Carlos Dillon

Corporate Flight Department Support


Focused on recruiting and training staff for corporate departments, I recognize that people are the cornerstone of any organization's success. Peter Drucker's wise words remind us that decisions should always prioritize the well-being and involvement of those affected. James Reason's insights underscore the importance of creating optimal conditions for human performance. Engaging employees is not just beneficial; it's essential for achieving organizational goals. Clarity in job descriptions, fair compensation aligned with market standards and performance evaluations, and robust succession plans and career paths are indispensable components of effective human resource management. By ensuring that every staff member understands expectations and feels valued, we lay the groundwork for a motivated and productive workforce.

Special Services

As a consultant specializing in complex intercontinental flight operations for long-range corporate jets, I offer comprehensive expertise in navigating diverse and challenging airspaces worldwide. With extensive experience in areas such as North Atlantic Track,  China Flight Level Allocation Scheme, World-Wide RVSM, Australia, Russia, and others, I provide valuable guidance and support to flight crews and corporate flight departments operating in these regions. From strategic flight planning to meticulous risk management, I ensure that every aspect of intercontinental operations is handled with precision and efficiency. My consultancy services encompass route optimization, airspace compliance, regulatory adherence, and crew training, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. By leveraging my specialized knowledge and hands-on experience, I help optimize performance, enhance safety, and streamline operations for corporate flight departments venturing into intercontinental travel.

About Carlos Dillon

"I bring extensive experience in managing Corporate Aviation Departments specializing in long-range aircraft operations, honed over many years. Notably, I played a pivotal role in establishing and certifying the world's inaugural Corporate Aviation Department to achieve AS9100D certification (Airspace, Aviation, and Defense Standards 9100D).

With thirty-three years of hands-on experience as a captain, chief pilot, and corporate flight department manager, I have developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of aviation operations. Additionally, I've also maintained my involvement in the aviation industry by overseeing the operations of my own flight academy and consulting group, further enhancing my breadth of expertise."


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